Letter from President

All FRB Members,

Hope everyone is staying safe! The club continues to evaluate what we can do during these restrictions for the Corona virus. The board chose not to have any sort of virtual or other type of gathering. We are hoping we see some improvements in what we can do thiis fall. Below is an update of the events for this year.

Pride: As many of you know the city has cancelled Pride this year. The club is participating in the virtual Pride on the web. Hope everyone checks out what they have to offer.

Pool Party: Was cancelled due to group size restrictions.

Campout: The National Parks have closed Group Campsites. So we are sad to say this event also has been cancelled. We will be refunding money to everyone that has already registered.

OBF: Again, due to the group restrictions this also has been put on hold!!

Holiday Party: We all hope this is behind us by then.

While I do not have a lot of events that I can discuss, I know that we will be able to meet again. So hang in there!! It is important that we all keep safe and keep the virus under control.

The board continues to look at ways for us to socialize and are open to anything that falls withing allowed guide lines. While we have had several suggestions, they would not work well for groups greater than 10 people. Please keep your ideas coming! Again, once the restrictions are relaxed we will be able and plan to do more.

I am sure many of you heard, but Cubby lost both of his parents to the virus. Our hearts go out to Cubby! If there are any other members that have been impacted by the virus, please let us know.

2020 Dues

For 2020 the dues will be $30 per member. We are all getting a great club at that rate and we encourage you to renew if you are notified. Here are just some of the benefits you will receive from being a member of the Front Range Bears!

  • A membership card, membership pin and/or year bar
  • News of our meetings, parties, events & activities
  • Access to the member only section of the website with the Membership Directory and Photo Galleries
  • Free subscription to “The Grizzette,” which contains all of our announcements, activities and more
  • Club discounts at special events
  • Discounts at participating Merchants with your Membership Card.
  • Monthly birthday celebrations for all our members (We all love cake!)
  • Free classifieds listing in the Grizzette and website for members who have businesses & services

Auto-renewal Option

You can now have auto-renewal option for your membership. Now,  you will be able to sign up to have your credit card or PayPal account automatically charged again each year. No more having to remember to renew your club membership.

If you do not want to set up auto-renewal, there is a link on the membership sign-up page that will take you to a non-recurring version of membership. In which case you will have to manually renew ever year.

Auto-renewal is perfectly safe and secure. And you have the peace of mind that your membership won’t accidentally lapse. Once auto-renewal is set up, you can manage it from PayPal. We do not ever store your credit card or financial information on the Front Range Bears website.

Click the button below to renew your membership if you are not on auto-renewal in the Front Range Bears!

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