FRB 2016 Elections

vote-1319435_640Welcome to the Front Range Bears 2016 club elections. This year there will be two ways to vote: electronic and paper ballots. And there will be three items to vote for: Board members, Mr. FRB, and a proposed amendment to the club bylaws. All voting is restricted to current club members only.

Electronic voting will open at 12:00 AM MDT on October 22, 2016 and close at 3:00 PM MST on November 12, 2016. Voting in electronic format will be available to logged in club members at the end of this article.

Paper ballots will be accepted at the November Members Meeting on November 12, 2016. Please log in to see the address for the November meeting or use our contact form,, if you are not a member and would like to visit.

The following sections will provide you with biographies and information about each board nominee, the Mr. FRB 2017 nominee, and the proposed amendment to the bylaws. Please select up to three nominees for the Board of Directors and a Yes or No vote for Mr. FRB and the proposed bylaws amendment.


Nominees for open Board of Directors position

Nominees are listed in alphabetical order by first name. For you convenience, you may Jump to the Electronic Ballot, which is at the end of the information below.

Bret Gregory

Thank you for the nomination to the Front Range Bears’ Board of Directors. I am honored to be considered. I first became a member of FRB sometime around 2000 with my husband Travis. Mostly due to my extensive work travel we took a break about five years ago, but had the pleasure to rejoin last year. We both served on the Octobearfest committee in 2008, I think that was the year. I was the Treasurer and Webmaster for that event. And we volunteered regularly for events back then. I’m now the Webmaster for the club and have been enjoying getting our sites secured and running smoothly. There are some great changes and additions coming in the next year.

In addition to doing things in the FRB, I’ve also served on the Board of Directors for the Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus seven times in various positions including President, Vice President, Secretary and other positions. In case you don’t know who the Rainbeaus are, they are one of the largest gay square dance clubs in the World, and the largest square dance club in Colorado. I also served on their committee hosting the 2007 International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs’ convention in Denver. I have also served on a few of their fly-in committees, which are like smaller local conventions for square dancing.

I’ve also served on the boards of several other organizations, one of which was the Denver Cycle Sluts. One of the things that has made me a successful board member is my ability to listen to what everyone has to say, and to work to find common ground with the rest of the board members to solve organization issues, whether they are simple, complex or sensitive.

I will also bring strong technical and organizational skills to serve the FRB and its board. Those skills will help me, and the board, communicate with the club members, and with members of the community at large. Being a member of the board will also allow me to bring more timely and relevant updates to our club website, Facebook pages, and other future social outlets.

I look forward to serving the FRB and will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to contact me.

Gary Van Dorn

Gary Van Dorn arrived in Denver 25-years ago from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Gary graduated in 1985 from the Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School in Vinton.  He graduated with a B.A. in History from Mount Mercy College [University] in 1991 (Cedar Rapids).  Gary worked for the Federal Government during the past 25-years.  Gary has always been involved in the wider community during this timeframe through various positions on the boards of his condominium Association, the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition and the National Federation of the Blind of Colorado; he serviced one term as Treasurer of the Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus.  Gary joined the Front Range Bears in 2008 where he began to immediately take photos at various events of our Bear community.  He received the Bear Spirit Award in 2009 for his enthusiastic participation in the Club.  Gary would like to serve on the Board of the FRB in the hopes of leading our Club into a future in which we have a greater social participation in the bear community.

James Martin

I am excited about the possibility of serving on the Board of Directors for FRB once again, and am happy to submit my name for your consideration. I have been involved with FRB since 2007 with the exception of 2014 which I needed a break. During my membership, I have been an active member, and provided leadership to the club in the following positions: Club President – 2 years, Club Vice President – 1 year, Member at Large (twice appointed to fulfill unexpired terms), Octobearfest Chairman or Co-Chair – four years, as well as a member of many project committee. I also served the club as Mr. Front Range Bear in 2013. I have been involved in the Bear Community for 25 years. I was the founder and President of the Carolina Bear Lodge, where I honored with the Lifetime Membership Award being named after me. I continued my membership in the Bear Community when I was a member of the Last Frontier Men’s Club in Alaska where I served as an officer, and Mr. Bear Alaska.

In addition to the Bear Community, I have provided leadership to many LGBT organizations such as NC Pride, Triad Aids Project, Charlotte LGBT Switchboard, Identity, Inc, as well as involved with the Kiwanis Club and Parkinson Association.

I live in Aurora with my husband, Chuck Dryke. We have been together for 9 years, and both of us have been members of the Front Range Bears. I currently work in the Oil & Gas Industry in the accounting department.

I would bring to the Board of Directors my ability to organize events, handle club finances, long range planning, and active participation. I would like to see the Board survey our past and present membership to see what the members want from the club, I would like to see more open communications between the membership and the board, and I would like for us to reevaluate our monthly & annual events to see if we are providing the activities that the membership want and desire. I learned from my previous involvement with the Board and look forward to working for you for the next two years. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your consideration.

Joe Velez

I have been a member of the FRB since 1992. I was on the OBF committee for 6 consecutive years and chair for two of those years. I served on the board, was the editor of the Grizzette for a couple of years, I was the recipient of the outstanding achievement award, I have poured beer at beer bust for more years then I can remember, and I have served on the holiday and summer picnic a number of times.

I bring years of experience, knowledge and a living history of the club. I believe this will help to grow the club now and in the future .

I will be happy to serve the club again.

Kevin Olson

I have been a member of Front Range Bears since 2011. I have worked on several different activities in the club and Chaired the Campout in 2015. Professionally, I have held several senior management positions with various organizations. I am a certified Project Manager and have completed many successful projects with these organizations.

The Front Range Bears need to have a goal of increasing membership! I feel the board needs to focus on increasing memberships and creating new activities for the members. I would like to see the board be the catalyst for more member involvement. I feel my professional background would enable the club to grow and facilitate the events that it has been known for.

Nominee for Mr. FRB 2017

Sam Gallegos

I am truly honored to be nominated for Mr. Front Range Bear 2017. I have been a member since the 20th Century and served as Vice President in the early 21st Century under the leadership of Ebearitus Member Mike Meehan. I continue to be active in many of the club’s activities, be it hosting coffee night, hosting the book club (every year since 2007), or helping at beer busts or special events. I am a U.S. Army Veteran of Desert Storm (1991) and understand the importance of team work – and the Front Range Bears are a team that means a lot to me and for which I enjoy working and helping grow. As your Mr. Front Range Bear 2017, I promise to attend as many FRB events as possible – and help out before and after the event. I will also outreach to the many other clubs and bears-to-be in the big LGBTQ community of Colorado. Whether you like to knit, go 4-wheeling or just hang out with the guys, I promise to be inclusive and respectful everywhere I go, and at the same time, make you proud to be a member of the Front Range Bears. Thank you for your consideration.

Proposed Amendment to the FRB Bylaws

This is to provide official notice that the Front Range Bears Board of Directors has referred, to the Voting Members, a proposed amendment to the Club Bylaws.

The proposal has been submitted in a manner consistent with all requirements of Article 10 of the Club Bylaws (“APPLYING AND CHANGING THE BYLAWS”).

In accordance with Article 10, notice is hereby given to all Members that the following amendment proposal will be voted upon at the next general meeting of the membership, November 12, 2016, in conjunction with officer elections and Mr. FRB and Mr. FRB Cub elections.

To be approved, the amendment requires a two-thirds vote of a minimum of 20% of Voting Members who are present at the aforementioned general meeting as well as the Voting Members who are voting by electronic mail or other authorized means of electronic transmission.

The following section provide the current reading of the bylaw, the proposed bylaw change, and the rationale for the change, in that order.

Current Bylaw

3.4.1 Annual Members

Annual Members pay dues annually to the organization. The initial term of membership extends through the last day of December of the year in which dues are first paid. Renewal of annual membership is considered continuous if dues are paid by the first general meeting of the succeeding year, or January 31st of the succeeding year, whichever is earlier.

Proposed Bylaw Change

3.4.1 Annual Members

Annual Members pay dues annually to the organization. The initial term of membership extends one year from the date upon which dues are first paid. Renewal of annual membership is considered continuous if dues are paid on or before the anniversary date of the initial membership date.

Rationale for the Bylaw Change

The current bylaw requires that memberships run from January 1 to December 31 every year. If a member joins mid-year, their membership will still end on December 31. Making this change will allow memberships to run annually, no matter what time of year they start. For example, if a member starts their membership on May 19, 2017, then that membership would expire on May 18, 2018. Some of the future possible benefits of changing to this type of annual membership is to allow for automated membership renewals. This will allow for better planning for the board and more convenience for the members of the club.

Electronic Ballot

Below is the electronic ballot for member voting. Please select up to three nominees to serve on the Board of Directors, and vote Yes or No of the remaining questions.

NOTE:Votes are final once you press the Vote button, so be sure you’ve verified your selections.

Board of Directors (Select up to 3)
Sam Gallegos for Mr. FRB 2017
Should the proposed amendment to the Bylaws be ratified to change memberships to be anual instead of yearly?


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