April 2017 Club


Kevin opened the meeting at 5:55

Treasurer’s Report – Joe
He presented the account balances. He also showed a comparison in our budget, and the actuals report.

Secretary’s Report – Bret
John motioned to accept the minutes as presented, Irish guy seconded, all approved.

Recent Events

* Board meeting was May 4
* Trade Burrly Brunch was a huge success and brought in $125 for the club. Everyone there had a great time! Next one is tomorrow.
* OBF meeting was April 19 with 14 in attendance. A logo was selected and can be found on the website for OBF and in the Grizzette. Caterer is hired. shirts are being researched now, and schedule is coming soon. One registration is in now.
* Bunkhouse trip was a lot of fun. We hope to do it again.

Upcoming Events

* Dineout – Chef Zorba’s
* Board meeting – 5-3
* Pride – we will share a booth with Prime Timers on Saturday and Sunday, based on club feedback
* Pool/Picnic party will be at Mitch and Jeff Buna’s on 7-15
* Campout registrations are open, go sign up
* Book Club – 17th Being Mortal, we all need to read this book. Dealing with aging, aging parents, family, and friends
* Coffee Night – Every thursday night at Steep
* a question was brought up about bowling

Open board position – Bill Hauser volunteered to fill the position, we need to ratify
Mike M motioned to accept Bill to fill the vacant position, John seconded, all approved.

Pins – we have year pins for those that want them

Volunteer sign up – we need members to volunteer for all of these events. Please sign up.

Easter egg hunt begins! Door prizes after egg hunt, as more tickets are hidden in the eggs.

Meeting adjourned at 6:14.