February 2017 Club

Club Meeting Minutes for February 11, 2017

Call to order at 6:15 by Kevin Olson
Treasurer Report
     Joe gave the treasurer’s report listing our account balances
Secretary Report
Motion to accept the minutes from Thom Maestas, seconded by Bill Houser, motion was approved
Recent Events
Joe talked about the OFB meeting we had on Saturday. We have 12 committee members already and are looking at doing a mountain event this year.
Upcoming Events
     Dine-out – Sam talked about the valentine dinner coming up on the 14th, and asked for any last RSVPs tonight.
     Bunkhouse – Sam is organizing a weekend event at the Bunkhouse, a gay B&B near Frisco, just for FRB member’s and friends.
     The next board meeting will be on March 1
     Campout – the next campout is in the planning stages, and signups will be open soon
     Coffee Night
     Trade Beer Bust – March 4, we have a total of four this year. We need volunteers and drinkers
     Travis & Bret are planning a bowling night in the next month or two
     Ed McAllister’s mother died very recently. Send him your support.
Door Prize
     Three bar tabs and a calender were given out
Meeting adjourned at 6:43 and everyone enjoyed the food from the Wrangler and socializing with their fellow bears.