January 2017 Board

January 2016 Board Meeting
1/11/2017 6:12 PM Kevin and Joe’s Home
Meeting called by BOD Attendees: Kevin Olson, Jose Velez, Cuby Collins, Bret Gregory, Steve Volmer, David Hetzel
Type of meeting Board
Facilitator Kevin
Note taker Bret
Timekeeper Cuby


Treasurer’s Report
15 min Joe
Discussion There have been some major balance adjustments over the last two years, which makes it very hard to know where money is coming from or going to.
Conclusions Joe is still working to understand where money is going/coming, and will be able to fully access the OBF account by next meeting.
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline


Beer Bust Update
5 min Cuby
Discussion It went very well, and Phil was very happy with us. We made $820. Prime Timers helped out, and we really appreciate it.
Conclusions Next beer bust is July 10. We need to start collecting volunteer names as soon as possible.
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
Set up a Facebook event, and a volunteer sheet on the website Bret 1/23/2017


Upcoming Meeting Items (Awards/Installation of officer)
10 min Cuby
Discussion Cubby got the list of awards that need to be given out at the member meeting in January.
Conclusions We need to get certificates made for the awards, but Charles will do the presentation at the January meeting.
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
Generate awards certificates Bret 1/16/2017


Ryan Hall Document Project
5 min Bret
Discussion Ryan wants to know if we want him to keep scanning old documents and stuff, or turn it over to the board.
Conclusions Bret will talk with Rian about where he’s at, what’s left, what’s been done, and then try to get a team together to finish it up, and reduce the work on a single person.
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline


Sam’s proposal for trip to Bunkhouse
5 min Sam/Bret
Discussion Bret discussed Sam’s email about doing a bear weekend at the soon-to-be-remodeled Bunkhouse near Breckenridge. It would be a member organized event with no required cost to the club.
Conclusions Encourage Sam to go for it. We’ll help him by setting up info and event on the website.
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
Contact Sam to tell him to go for it. Bret 1/16/2017


OBF Planning Meeting
5 min Kevin
Discussion Joe has been contacted to suggest that he chair the OBF committee. Some people have commented at beer bust that they thought our club had died because we didn’t have OBF last year. Last year’s board was planning to have a survey of the club to see if they still even wanted to do OBF in the future. That survey was never done.


Do we, the new board, do the survey or just go ahead with planning OBF for this year?

Conclusions We will have a planning meeting to get people to talk about OBF. We want feedback on what we want to do with OBF.
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
Announce the planning meeting in Grizzette Bret 1/12/2017
OBF planning meeting will be at Joe and Kevin’s at 4:00 PM on Feb 4   2/4/2017


New Board Member Introductions
20 min Any interested board members present
Discussion David Hetzel was present to show interest in joining the board, and talked about his experience with other clubs, and with PrimeTimers.

James Martin was also present to show interest in joining the board. He had sent an email with his qualifications, and reiterated some of that.

Conclusions There was not really any discussion about them. All were in agreement that they’d both fit in well with the board. We voted to accept both men as new board members. The club will have to ratify them at the January meeting.
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
Ratify James and David at the January 21st club meeting Secretary 1/21/2017


Membership drive
Discussion We need to get the word out about new dues price.
Conclusions We will send emails out to current and past members to tell them about our reduction in dues price.
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
Send emails to current and past members about dues Bret 1/13/2017
Cubby is going to talk to Wrangler about advertising and using the upstairs room Cubby


Next Board Meeting
Date: 2/1/2017 Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Bret’s place at 1100 Grant St
Meeting Adjourned at: 8:45