January Board Meeting

  1. Call to Order – The 1st Board Meeting of 2013 was called to order by Charles Vigil at 4:00 PM
  2. Approval of Minutes:
    Minutes from the December 2012 Board Meeting Minutes had not previously been forwarded to the 2013 Board. Charles forwarded to 2013 Board Members on January 5 via email, for reading and approval at February Board Meeting.
  1. Charles will send out Current Phone/Email List to 2013 Board Members.
  2. Stressed that the 2013 Board would strive to accomplish as much as possible through email to keep Board Meetings efficient and as short as possible
  3. Charles is going to set up one-on-one meetings with each new Board Member to discuss responsibilities, questions and concerns.
  4. Membership Report – Charles gave a breakdown on current membership:
    1. Currently 46 New/Renewals/Lifetime
      1. Non-paid Renewing Members will lose access to Members Section of the club website and receipt of The Grizzette on January 31, 2013 when the membership roster will be purged and benefits of membership will cease.
  5. Reminders for renewal will be posted in The Weekly Update.
  6. Treasurer’s Report – Tony Crociata
    1. FRB Closing Balance as of 12/31/12 – $5,102.65
    2. FRB Current Balance as of 01/05/12 – $5,394.78
    3. OBF Balance from Jeff Wayland’s Current Report – $1,359.18
  7. New Business
    1. Motion to appoint Rian Hall as Director of Communications for 2013 as well as appoint as the 2013 Communications Team Members: Ian Kullhem, Webmaster; Gary Van Dorn, Club Photographer; Jesse McGuay, Facebook Lead Administrator; James Martin, Wrangler Display Case Coordinator.
      1. Made by Jesse, 2nd by Tony; Vote: Yes-Unanimous.
      2. Discussion: Rian to pull back responsibilities of calendar and front page updates from Peter due to his position as Secretary; Assess need for multiple membership data; located on spreadsheets and elsewhere, and determine possible streamlined reporting and distribution of membership information. Rian Hall to look at how this spreadsheet can drive updates to be made to Mail Chimp and Membership portion of website.
    2. Motion to appoint Jesse McGuay as Director of Member Recruitment and Retention for 2013 and as Member Recruitment and Retention Committee Members, Mike Meehan, Richard “Cubby” Colin, Thumper, and James Martin as Membership Database Manager.
      1. Made by Rian, 2nd by Tony; Vote: Yes-Unanimous.
      2. Discussion: Team to include James Martin who will continue to oversee Membership spreadsheet. Jesse discussed that there be a 2 week turn around to get new membership out after a member as renewed/joined that would include follow up personal phone call and personal invites to activities. Jesse has commitment from Cubby, Thumper, Mike, and James to be part of this team. Charles to forward Membership Matrix to Jesse. Communications Team led by Rian to look at adding a FAQ section on the website pages to help New and Existing Members Navigate the membership section more easily. New Membership Payments and Applications should go to Tony first then applications will be forwarded to James for Membership Database Spreadsheet.
    3. 2013 Budget
      1. Tony C handed out copies of 2012 Budget for review and reference
      2. 2013 Budget Creation/Review Meeting to be held at Tony C’s at his condo building’s club room. Thursday, January 17th, 6:30pm, 1177 York. Tony will order Pizza.
    4. Mardi Gras Party – Feb 9th, 2013
      1. Discussion on whether or not to have a Mardi Gras Party for Club Members and Guests on Saturday, February 9, 2013. Jesse brought up the idea via email after talking with Jeff Stevenson on Facebook. Preliminary discussion includes: $25 Room Rent/$200 Refundable Cleaning Deposit. Jeff & Rick Dobbs to donate $100 towards making “hurricanes”. Last Year’s Budget $75 Food $30 Door Prizes. Need inventory of what is left in way of soft drinks/beers/supplies at storage unit. Members to bring booze (if desired) or appetizers/desserts; club to provide starting snacks, soft drinks and leftover beer/wine from past events. Members to be free admission – guests: $5.00 or free with $30 membership fee. Maximum Occupancy at Jeff and Rick’s Clubhouse is 56. Need to check if club house is available on the preferred date. Peter to check on Mardi Gras email address for RSVP’s. Jesse will present this information to Jeff and Rick for consideration and we will conduct an email vote to determine to go forward.
    5. Charles requested Board to review proposed Board and Membership 2013 Meeting Dates in email previously forwarded and asked Board to respond with comments. Charles will send a follow up email to vote on approval of dates.
    6. Motion to set the date for the annual Club Summer Picnic and Pool Party – July 13, 2013 as confirmed with hosts/property owners as date for the party.
      1. Made by Tony, 2nd by BJ; VOTE: Yes-Unanimous.
      2. Discussion: Charles to communicate with property owners/hosts about firming up suggested times and other details for advertising. It was acknowledged that it is the same weekend as the rodeo.
    7. Rian H will be looking into “Google Docs” as a way of sharing club documents – RianH to report back.
  8. Adjournment: Motion made by Tony for adjournment at 6:03. VOTE: Yes-unanimous.