July 2017 Board

Date 07/06/2017 Time 6:00 – 8:30 Location Dave and Joes


Purpose Board Meeting Agenda


Topic Owner
5 Min Welcome Kevin
10 Min Treasurer Report

FRB – $5,414

OBF – $3,824

Savings – $1,232

15 Min Open Board Position

Jason Anderson and Jeff Stevenson were at the meeting and expressed interest in the open positions. The current board (Kevin, David and Joe) all voted in favor of them taking the vacant positions. Jason is going to take the position of Vice President.

20 Min Roles of Board

The board discussed roles for everyone, below is what was decided on:

Kevin – President, facilitating meetings.

Bret – Secretary

Jason – Vice President – New memberships

Joe – Treasurer – Finances for the club/OBF

David – At large – Campout

Jeff Stevenson – Facebook updates

15 Min Pride update

Kevin stated that approx.. 300 OBF flyers and date cards were handed out.

10Min Upcoming beer bust at Wrangler

Kevin stated that we still need 3 more people. We have date card for upcoming events left over that we will be handing out.

10 Min Ways to increase sign up rates.

·        Need more recognition articles/pictures at events. Kevin to do one for Pride. We need to also take pictures at Wrangle to give people recognition for their hard work.

·        The group felt that we need to Print some copies of the Grizette and hand them out at meetings. The board felt that having something in hand would make a difference. Can Bret look at options for this?

·        The board discussed doing a re-union party at Kevin and Joe’s house on 7/29 to invite past members to rejoin. Jason is going to look to see if this conflicts with anything else.

·        FRB needs a New member handout that can be presented at events that talks about the club in general. Jason was going to look into this.

·        Jason was going to see if Tom Stevens can take pictures.


15 Min Picnic/Pool Party –

·        Kevin asked if the board members can take turn sitting at the door. We will have to check ID’s for non members.

·        We want to keep the meeting portion to a minimum and only introduce the new board members and get a vote to accept them.


10 Min Campout update

Kevin to send out list of who attended last year’s event but has not signed up this year. David is going to follow up with them with emails and phone calls to see if we can get people signed up.

15 Min OBF Update

·        Joe talked about the issue with serving alcohol in the public areas. Joe will be going up to the hotel to meet with the bar owner.

·        Joe has contacted some vendors (ID lube, Lifestyle and Gun Oil) for handouts at registration. These vendors have offered some larger items for raffles.