March 2017 Club

Kevin opened the meeting at 5:51
29 attendees

Joe gave the treasurer’s report (same numbers from board meeting)
$5065 FRB Checking
$3143 OBF Checking
$1232 Savings
Our new budget was included in Grizzette for members to see how our club finances are brought in and spent.

Joe motioned to accept the meeting minutes from February, John Anderson seconded, all approved

Bunkhouse outing
Tom Deal talked about the Bunkhouse outing, it’s $35 a night per person, and he is bringing up some breakfast. All other meals are on your own.
As of today there are 10 people signed up, and he can take four more. Call him at the number in the Grizzette
this is their inauguration weekend with us as their gue.5sts.

Recent Events
Board meeting was held on March 1st
Trade beer bust was a huge success, at $675 income, we have another coming up in May
We are going to do jello shots at the Wrangler on 4-22, we need volunteers on 4-21 to make them
There were 14 members at the OBF meeting, next meeting on 3/19, working on the logo and a caterer now, website will be up and running soon

Upcoming events
Next dineout is March 22nd at the Irish Snug, meet at 6:30, must rsvp
Next board meeting on 4/5
Campout – David talked about the campout, in Woodland park area, national private gated campground, over 200 acres, volley ball and horseshoe courts, baseball diamonds, we need some volunteers, all three meals provided, $60 for members, $70 for non-members, August 17 to 20, they put together a volunteer sign-up book so that a few people don’t get stuck doing all the work
Book club – March 20
Coffee Night – Still happening about 5:30 or 6:00
Burley Brunch – Starting the 4th sunday of March
Cannabis club – If you’re interested in joining, send an email to, people to come can sample some new harvest they made last month.

Open board position
please let us know if you are interested

Show of hands in who in interested in doing a float. There were about 7 hands
Dave talked about whether any of the Bears would be willing to help the Prime Timers with the beer booths at Pride, there was some discussion
A member wanted to talk more about the float, he had concerns about getting enough volunteers, and whether or not we really need to have a presence in the parade. He wanted to get a feel from the club as to whether we really wanted to do it. Most of the bears belong to some other groups, and tend not to march with the club. There was quite a bit of discussion about it. We are going to take it back to the board and see what other alternatives we can provide.
If you have an idea for an alternative, please send it to the board. We will include possible alternatives in a survey to the club.

We are not going to order year bars for everyone, but if you want one please write your name down on the list.

We want to start giving people credit for helping out at different activities, so we are going to start tracking volunteers and giving them credit

75-25 Raffle
We are going to start doing a raffle at some of our meetings, similar to a 50/50 raffle. The club keeps 25% and the winner gets 75%

Meeting adjourned at 6:41