March 2018 Board Meeting


  Date 03/06/2018 Time 6:30 – 8:30 Location Kevin and Joe’s – 2645 S. Lincoln St.  
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Treasurer Report

FRB – $6240

OBF – $4562

Savings – $1232

Beer Bust and Burly Brunch Update

·         Good attendance at both

·         Club made $380.00 for both

·         Rafael – Do a thank you article and pictures?

o    Rafael is going to do a article for both the last beer bust and burley brunch, thanking the volunteers.

Board Meeting Minutes – Sent out to everyone, any changes

·         No changes were proposed. Minutes approved.

Board Alignments

·         Vice President – Rafael

·         At Large – David

·         At Large – Open

2018 Calendar – Who is going to own:

·         Facebook – Rafael

o    Need to add Bear Hug to Events

·         Web Page – Brett/Kevin to help

o    Kevin to add Bear Hug on Web site.

·         Grizette – Joe said he would work on the Grizette. He has done it in the past.

·         Membership cards – Kevin

o    A proposal was made to order a all in one card stock and not laminate the badge going forward.

o    Kevin Ordered Stock

o    David will take care of sending out new cards.

o    Cards will be dated one year from the renewal date.

o    Brett to set up David on report of member sign ups.

o    Kevin is working on this.

o    David sent out the first batch. We are going to print this monthly before the monthly gathering and will mail those that are not at the meeting.

o    No issues have been raised from the new cards.

·         Add Book Club

o    Book club dates should be added to all calendars. Kevin to send out dates that Bob sent out.

o    This still needs to be done.

Next Gathering (04/14/2017)

·         Where

o    David is going to check with Chris at Trade and see if we can have a Pot Luck at Gladys.

o    Discuss doing a Drag Queen theme?

   Next Beer Bust??

  • Beer Bust dates are: 3/3,5/19,9/15,12/1
  • Kevin to send a email to Cubby to see if he would be willing to make baskets.
    • Cubby said he would make baskets for the next meeting.
   Use event planner for OBF and Caterer for campout.

·         Kevin has contacted an event planner to facilitate different events for the club. The board agrees that since we get limited involvement from the members that hiring the event planning out makes sense. Kevin is going to set up a meeting with the planner to discuss further the needs of the club. OBF would benefit the most from this.

   Proposed Locations for upcoming meetings were discussed

  • Country Buffet
  • Gladys
  • Other Restaurants
  • Heather Garden is always available.
Next Board meeting

·          04/03/2018

Expectations Keep all Board Members informed.
Roles Facilitator Kevin Scribe Kevin Timekeeper Kevin



(a) = Absent

Kevin Olson, Jose Velez, David Hetzel, Bret Gregory(a), Rafael DeJesus