April 2017 Club


Kevin opened the meeting at 5:55

Treasurer’s Report – Joe
He presented the account balances. He also showed a comparison in our budget, and the actuals report.

Secretary’s Report – Bret
John motioned to accept the minutes as presented, Irish guy seconded, all approved.

Recent Events

* Board meeting was May 4
* Trade Burrly Brunch was a huge success and brought in $125 for the club. Everyone there had a great time! Next one is tomorrow.
* OBF meeting was April 19 with 14 in attendance. A logo was selected and can be found on the website for OBF and in the Grizzette. Caterer is hired. shirts are being researched now, and schedule is coming soon. One registration is in now.
* Bunkhouse trip was a lot of fun. We hope to do it again.

Upcoming Events

* Dineout – Chef Zorba’s
* Board meeting – 5-3
* Pride – we will share a booth with Prime Timers on Saturday and Sunday, based on club feedback
* Pool/Picnic party will be at Mitch and Jeff Buna’s on 7-15
* Campout registrations are open, go sign up
* Book Club – 17th Being Mortal, we all need to read this book. Dealing with aging, aging parents, family, and friends
* Coffee Night – Every thursday night at Steep
* a question was brought up about bowling

Open board position – Bill Hauser volunteered to fill the position, we need to ratify
Mike M motioned to accept Bill to fill the vacant position, John seconded, all approved.

Pins – we have year pins for those that want them

Volunteer sign up – we need members to volunteer for all of these events. Please sign up.

Easter egg hunt begins! Door prizes after egg hunt, as more tickets are hidden in the eggs.

Meeting adjourned at 6:14.

March 2017 Club

Kevin opened the meeting at 5:51
29 attendees

Joe gave the treasurer’s report (same numbers from board meeting)
$5065 FRB Checking
$3143 OBF Checking
$1232 Savings
Our new budget was included in Grizzette for members to see how our club finances are brought in and spent.

Joe motioned to accept the meeting minutes from February, John Anderson seconded, all approved

Bunkhouse outing
Tom Deal talked about the Bunkhouse outing, it’s $35 a night per person, and he is bringing up some breakfast. All other meals are on your own.
As of today there are 10 people signed up, and he can take four more. Call him at the number in the Grizzette
this is their inauguration weekend with us as their gue.5sts.

Recent Events
Board meeting was held on March 1st
Trade beer bust was a huge success, at $675 income, we have another coming up in May
We are going to do jello shots at the Wrangler on 4-22, we need volunteers on 4-21 to make them
There were 14 members at the OBF meeting, next meeting on 3/19, working on the logo and a caterer now, website will be up and running soon

Upcoming events
Next dineout is March 22nd at the Irish Snug, meet at 6:30, must rsvp
Next board meeting on 4/5
Campout – David talked about the campout, in Woodland park area, national private gated campground, over 200 acres, volley ball and horseshoe courts, baseball diamonds, we need some volunteers, all three meals provided, $60 for members, $70 for non-members, August 17 to 20, they put together a volunteer sign-up book so that a few people don’t get stuck doing all the work
Book club – March 20
Coffee Night – Still happening about 5:30 or 6:00
Burley Brunch – Starting the 4th sunday of March
Cannabis club – If you’re interested in joining, send an email to buds@frb.org, people to come can sample some new harvest they made last month.

Open board position
please let us know if you are interested

Show of hands in who in interested in doing a float. There were about 7 hands
Dave talked about whether any of the Bears would be willing to help the Prime Timers with the beer booths at Pride, there was some discussion
A member wanted to talk more about the float, he had concerns about getting enough volunteers, and whether or not we really need to have a presence in the parade. He wanted to get a feel from the club as to whether we really wanted to do it. Most of the bears belong to some other groups, and tend not to march with the club. There was quite a bit of discussion about it. We are going to take it back to the board and see what other alternatives we can provide.
If you have an idea for an alternative, please send it to the board. We will include possible alternatives in a survey to the club.

We are not going to order year bars for everyone, but if you want one please write your name down on the list.

We want to start giving people credit for helping out at different activities, so we are going to start tracking volunteers and giving them credit

75-25 Raffle
We are going to start doing a raffle at some of our meetings, similar to a 50/50 raffle. The club keeps 25% and the winner gets 75%

Meeting adjourned at 6:41

February 2017 Club

Club Meeting Minutes for February 11, 2017

Call to order at 6:15 by Kevin Olson
Treasurer Report
     Joe gave the treasurer’s report listing our account balances
Secretary Report
Motion to accept the minutes from Thom Maestas, seconded by Bill Houser, motion was approved
Recent Events
Joe talked about the OFB meeting we had on Saturday. We have 12 committee members already and are looking at doing a mountain event this year.
Upcoming Events
     Dine-out – Sam talked about the valentine dinner coming up on the 14th, and asked for any last RSVPs tonight.
     Bunkhouse – Sam is organizing a weekend event at the Bunkhouse, a gay B&B near Frisco, just for FRB member’s and friends.
     The next board meeting will be on March 1
     Campout – the next campout is in the planning stages, and signups will be open soon
     Coffee Night
     Trade Beer Bust – March 4, we have a total of four this year. We need volunteers and drinkers
     Travis & Bret are planning a bowling night in the next month or two
     Ed McAllister’s mother died very recently. Send him your support.
Door Prize
     Three bar tabs and a calender were given out
Meeting adjourned at 6:43 and everyone enjoyed the food from the Wrangler and socializing with their fellow bears.

January 2017 Club

Club Meeting Minutes for January 21, 2017

Charles called the meeting to order at 5:50 and welcomed all the members who were present

He then presented the awards for Leadership, Bear Spirit, President’s award, and Friend of the FRB awards. Those awarded were as follows:

Joe Kuzyk Bear Spirit Award
David Beardsley
Tony Crociata
Leadership Award
Bill Schantz
Mike Lackey
Richard Colin
President’s Award
Robert Gilbreath
Friend of the Front Range Bears Award
Ramada Inn Staff – Downtown, Colfax Avenue
Brian Alpers – Ramada Inn Downtown
Greg Morgan – Ramada Inn Downtown
House of DeHerrera
Hale from Denver Swim Club
Steve Parrett – Nissan North America
Dan Cohen and staff – Steep Tea and Coffee

After the awards, Charles introduced the outgoing board members, and installed the three new incoming board members.

Outgoing Board Members were Charles Vigil, James Martin, and David Beardsley. Incoming Board Members were Kevin Olson, Joe Velez and Bret Gregory

Kevin Olson took over presiding over the meeting and thanked again the outgoing board members for the wonderful service to the club.

Bret Gregory then talked about the two vacant board seats left by Tony Crociata and Steve Vollmer and introduced James Martin and David Hetzel as the replacements appointed by the board. The members present must vote to ratify the new appointees.

Charles Vigil moved to accept the new board appointments by acclimation instead of secret ballot, Bob Murphy seconded, and the motion was approved.

A vote by acclimation was called to ratify the board appointees and they were approved by more than two thirds of the members present

Treasurer’s report:

Joe Velez presented the treasurer’s report with included balances for the different accounts as follows:
FRB Checking     $4734.01
OBF Checking    $3142.59
Savings Acct       $1232.19

Bob M moved to accept the report, Mike L seconded, motion was approved

Bret made a report on the website, mentioning that the minutes would be posted before each future meeting. He also mentioned that Google has changed how it handles website without SSL certificates, and that if members see a warning that our site is not secure, to ignore it and go on through to it. The problem would be resolved in a few weeks.

Kevin spoke for a few minutes about the club direction and asked club members to contact the board anytime to provide feedback

Cubby talked about our next meeting at the Wrangler on February 11. There was an informal poll about whether anyone had any problems with having our meetings at bars. The only comment was that it should not always be at bars. We’ll mix it up as much as possible.

Kevin talked about the other upcoming events.

OBF Planning meeting on February 4.

James announced the upcoming brunches and that he’s stepping down from doing the dine-out. The brunches will be posted on the website and Facebook as details become available. Sam & Bret volunteered to step up to do the dine-outs.

James also talked about the need to organize the storage unit, and asked for volunteers to help. He also asked that everyone return any club property to the unit so that we can get a complete inventory.

Sam talked about a possible outing to the Bunkhouse: Mitch Rehnquist has started remodeling it and wants to do a Bear Weekend. Sam is going to organize it, and more will be added to the website later, but right now it’s still in the pre-planning stage.

Sam also asked that if there was any interest in doing something on Valentine’s day to contact him.

Kevin announced the next board meeting would be on February 1 at Bret’s home.

Cubby talked about upcoming beer busts, and doing more of them at Trade. Trade will not need as many volunteers as those at the Wrangler.

The question was asked if there were any business cards or literature the club had that members could take to Beef Dip. Bret will provide what business cards are left for members to take to Beef Dip

We welcomed three visitors to tonight’s meeting

January birthdays of those present were recognized

Door prizes were given out

Meeting Adjourned about 7:00 PM

Cake, provided by Two Irish Guys.com, was served to the members and socializing began.