Mr. Front Range Bear

2016 Honoree – Bill Schant


Bill ShantWhat is Mr. Front Range Bear?

Mr. Front Range Bear has been selected in several formats over the years ranging from an event contest at Octobearfest to a public contest at the Wrangler to the current method. The title currently is selected by the membership of the club at the time of the annual club elections. Individuals are recognized for the outstanding service that they have provided to the club during the past 12 months. Individuals are nominated by other club members, and then voted upon by the club membership. The new titleholder is announced at the Annual Meeting in December. Their responsibilities during the year term is to represented the membership to the GLBT community of Colorado as well as at other bear events throughout the US. The new format of selection started in  2010.

Previous Honorees

2015 – Steve Vollmer
2014 – Tom Silagy
2013 – James Martin
2012 – Jason Hale
2011 – Charles Vigil
2010 – Ed McAllister
2009 – Henry Meadows
2008 – Steve Fitzhenry
2007 – Daniel Murphy
2006 – Rod Veatch
2005 – Title Revoked
2004 – Title Revoked
2003 – Keith Bellis
2002 – Greg Lindfors
2001 – Vince Alvarez
2000 – Claude Belanger
1999 – Keith Rutledge
1997 – Charlie Myers
1996 – Brian Reid
1995  – James Miera
1994 – Dan Grucella (Title known as Mr Rocky Mountain Bear)
1993  – John Menchaca  (Title known as Mr Rocky Mountain Bear)