FRB Game Night at Sweet

Date(s): 07/26/2022
Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Join the Front Range Bears at the Monthly Game Night. This is a great way to meet the other members and find new friends. The game is hosted by FRB member Will Schantz. Come have a drink/beer and enjoy the game and meet other bears at Sweet!

Solve That Puzzle is a game that combines “Press Your Luck” with “Wheel of Fortune”. Take a spin, call a letter and solve the puzzle, but watch out for the bear bandit who will clear out your bank.
Get your team together and solve word puzzles, some risque, to win house cash prizes.
Three teams are selected each puzzle to send a player on stage. All teams then attempt to write down the solution to the puzzle before the stage players to score points.
Top 3 teams of the night win house cash. Stage players can also win free drinks and food prizes instantly.