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You have reached a page that is protected. This could be due to any of the following:

  1. You are not a member of the Front Range Bears
    Please go here to become a member.
  2. You have renewed your membership or became a new member recently, but your access has not been activated yet.
    This can take up to 24 hours. However, please email the webmaster if your access does not activate after 24 hours.

9 Replies to “Protected Content”

  1. I payed 5$ for the pool party but I’m not a member I’ll pay the other 5$

  2. Something is wrong. I just bought two member tickets for the Pool Party and then was sent to this page that declares I have no access to the site. Come on, guys, my membership is valid and I should have complete access to the site. I’ll try again later, but for now this is a bit disconcerting.

  3. Purchased a ticket for the pool party as a non member. No email received for address for event or any additional information. Unsure how to find this info

  4. I just purchased a $10 ticket for the pool party this Saturday and paid via PayPal for non member. I was then redirected to a page that said it is protected and saying it could be due because I’m not a member. How do I know my payment and ticket are confirmed? Thanks for your help.

  5. We did get your payment and should have received email confirming. Details about the event will be going out tomorrow. Please let us know if you do not receive it. Kevin

  6. Patch,

    We did get your payment and will be send out details about the party tomorrow.

  7. Tighe,

    We received your payment for the pool party and should have received a email about the event. If not please let me know.

  8. I thought my membership was paid through 2023. What is going on? Let me know what I need to do to attend the Christmas party. –Joseph Bump 303-241-0882

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