Can I subscribe to the FRB Calendar?

Absolutely!! Anyone can subscribe to the FRB calendar simply by using this url in their favorite calendar application:


How do i know if my membership is active

Becoming a member of the Front Range Bears is a two step process.

  1. Register with the website.
    This allows you to select a username and password. However, you membership is not active since we have not received your annual dues.
  2. Dues have been received and processed.
    After you have registered with the website, you are redirected a page to process your dues using PayPal.
    Your membership is not active if you skip this step.

Please note:
Active members will see a Members menu after they have logged in. If you do not see this, your dues payment has not been received. Please send an email to the Webmaster asap.


Why do I still see the Register Menu after I Registered?

A few members have pointed they still see the “Register” menu after they have completed the registration process. Rest assured, your registration is valid. To resolve this, log out of the website and log back in. That is all. You should not see this issue again.

Does the website work on phones or tablets?

Short answer, Yes. We have worked very hard at making the website as functional as possible on all mobile devices. So far we have tested it on the iPhone, iPod, iPad and a few Samsung Android devices. No major issues were discovered. However, please email the webmaster if you find an issue and we will address is as soon as possible.

Can I change my username?

Unfortunately, you cannot change your username. So please choose it carefully before you register with the website.

I forgot my username.

Please email the webmaster. He will email your username to the address you registered your account with.

Please Note:
The webmaster cannot recover your password. They are encrypted and inaccessible to anyone for your protection.